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 I woke up to see my phone was blown up with notifications,”covid 19” “deadly virus.” I didn’t know what was going on, I ran down stairs to see my family in the kitchen,”Mom whats going on!” she looked at me sighed and said “we are not gonna leave the house for a long long time. That was not enough information so I did research and found out that there was a virus called covid that was spreading rapidly.What I didn’t know was how long it would last, and how long I probably won’t see family or friends.  

Week 14 (21)
My mom gave me a dress, she told me it was a very old dress, she didn't specify how old, and when I asked her she would change the subject. I asked her one more time and she said it was a dress made by her great grandmother. Her great grandmother used to make clothes and the day she designed the dress, her shop was robbed by 13 robbers, she died in the robbery. All of a sudden the dress began to move and it slammed to floor. Then the 13th step on the staircase collapsed.Along with the house……

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I was a clown in a circus,and I was riding a HUGE elephant, I was also eating shrimp, and drinking soda. I jumped of the elephant, and landed on a unicycle, then a little girl pepper sprayed me and I didn;t even feel it. Then I mounted a horse and the horse mounted the elephant. AND THEN I woke up. The funny thing is when I woke up from that kooky dream my eyes were burning,and I was wearing clown shoes and I had a rainbow afro, the funny thing is I didn't remember putting it on.

Week 11 (21)
I was dreaming of a white sand beach, building a sand castle, listening to the waves, then reality hit me, it was fall, and there were leaves just rolling along the side walk. But I enjoyed stepping on leaves, each time I stepped on one there was a faint little crunch.
      I decided to go for walk. I zipped up my coat and started walking down the street  jumping on each leaf I saw. I was looking down and each leaf I stepped on I whispered, “crunch,crunch,crunch.” I repeated that through the neighborhood . It was nice and peaceful.

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I was rummaging through our drawer of keys looking for the key to the small door behind the sofa in the livingroom. I was determined to find the right key, I needed to see what was behind that door. It was driving me crazy since the night I discovered it.
    Finally I found a silver key in the back of the drawer. “This has to be it” I whisper excitedly. I reach for the key and grab it.
  I was about to put the key in the door, but it was to big, if only it was a bit smaller. 

Week 9 (21)

The earth is being attacked by bees the size of helicopters! Scientists have found a dead bee they can study, After taking lots of pictures and DNA tests scientists have found out these mega bees are mutants who are living in Mount Rushmore inside of George Washingtonś right nostril.

The scientists worked together with the military and got land minds. They used machines to place 10 land minds in George´s nostril, and waited. When they blew up they realized, they had blown up more than his nostril.They blew up his whole face,Thomas Jefferson,Abraham Lincon and Theodore Roosvelt.

Week 7 (21)

I was riding my bright red scooter downhill when I fell of my scooter in to the concrete.

“OUCH” I groaned. “I think I broke my arm.” I was surprised my fluffy jacket didn’t cushion my fall.

I started walking home.
I made it home and my mom said it wasn’t that bad and she would only take me to the doctor if it was still hurting in the morning, she wrapped my arm up and sent me to my room, then for no reason my brother came in to my room and danced on my bed like a monkey.
Week 6(21)

I was going through my attic, I found a old doll that looked haunted and a cool looking lamp. All of a sudden I see something shining in a big cardboard box, My brother was calling me to come downstairs but I had to see what was inside.

I ran over to the corner and dragged the box to a brighter space, I lifted the flaps of the box to reveal a lottery ticket.
I go downstairs, scratch it then look for my mom because I don’t know how to read a lottery ticket, and we got 100,000 dollars.

Week 4(21)

I was walking home from school, my legs were all bruised and in pain because I had fallen into a ditch with my violin in hand. I hadI landed right in a prickly green cactus!

“OUCH” I yelled, I slowly climbed out of the ditch and walked back home planning out how I was going to tell my parents about what had happened. I got to my front door and sat there picking out each and every cactus spine individually before I rang the doorbell. Mom opened door like she already knew what happened

“Come, let’s get you cleaned up.”

Practice Week

 I don’t know how but I ended up in the back of someone's bike in a basket with some sour apples,and my other pumpkin friend started yelling out of nowhere, we were tipping over. The boy riding his bike flew into a hay bale head first like a speeding bird, then our basket started to fall off the bike in slow motion, we hit the ground then...BOOM, the bike hit the ground. And me, I landed in a mud puddle, I have never been so disgusted ever to be in the mud since I was a seedling.


  1. I like how you made it feel realistic.
    ~Cara C.

  2. i love how you said the basket tipped in slow motion part so funny tolol lily.hubbard

  3. I love love your story very funny it´s a great story and also i really liked that you jumped right in and that you made the point of view a pumpkin! it´s a great story!! -Alba Hila

  4. I love love your story very funny it´s a great story and also i really liked that you jumped right in and that you made the point of view a pumpkin! it´s a great story!! -Alba Hila

  5. I liked the beging case you jumped right into the story.

    Soleil Dupuis

  6. Hi Amina
    Your story literally made me say a loud OUCH! You described everything so well that I almost felt it was happening to me. I play the violin so was on the edge of my seat when I read that you had fallen into a ditch with your violin in your hand. Hopefully it was in its case and that substantial damage wasn't done to it. I then read what I presume was your first 100 word challenge ie Practice Week and wow that was a very creative response to the prompt especially as you told the story from the perspective of one of the fruit and vegetables in the basket. I loved your last line about being so disgusted at being in the mud and linking it to when you were a seedling. I hope you keep writing for the 100 word challenge and I'm looking forward to reading some more of your work in the near future. Well done.
    Máire O'Keeffe (Team 100wc)
    Galway, Ireland

  7. I really liked your week 6 story it was really surprising at the end that you won 100,000 dollars I also like how much detail you put into the story nice work! ~Lizzie Lamme :)

  8. HAHA! I really liked how you made your story about giant bees attacking and they are the size of helicopters! Very creative of you. I also liked how you made your story blow up George Washington's nose! Great job! ~Lizzie :)

  9. I really think that the part when you said the giant bees are living in george Washington's nose was funny.I also liked the part when you said you blew up more than george's face. It also happened to the other presidents" faces.
    Logan gates ges at fms

  10. BEES THE SIZE OF HELICOPTERS!?!?!?!?!?!?! COOOOOOL!-Ahmet Dagli

  11. Hi,
    I really like your story it’s really exiting and good use of adjectives
    Bye, Ben

  12. Hi,
    I really like your story and your use of adjectives
    See you soon,

  13. hey you did really good on your story's 10/10.
    logan ges at fms

  14. What a vivid description you painted! Well done!

    Ms Young
    Team 100WC

  15. I liked the ending on week 13 when you had the clown shoes on
    logan gates ges at fms

  16. Hi Amina! I really liked week 15 of your writing, The beginning was so true about everybody's phones going off and news reports about corona. I made me feel like it was happening all over again because you made it feel so real. Nice job! ~Lizzie