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I wanted to sleep, but I had to leave…
Leave home.
I hate moving around.
It was like I never had a home.
But I kept on walking.
I couldn’t feel my legs, they were so tired.
I had to walk more and more, carrying all my stuff.
And no one would help us.
A tear left my eye, from all this pain, it was a burden… 
I couldn't walk anymore and I fell on the ground.
“Would you like some Marmite,” My mother asked me gently.
“Or you don’t like it?”
“No,” I said, “I like Marmite”,  “Thank you.” 

Week 25 (21)
I was walking, when I saw the statue.
I took pictures, but each time I took a picture the statue seemed to move…
 I took out the SD card and transferred the pictures to my computer. 
I tried to tell my brother, but he said I was crazy.
 I told my sister, she said the same thing!
 I pushed them over here and I took a couple of pictures, we looked at them and they were normal! And so were the other ones on the computer… 

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I was eating apples.
Then the orange one spoke first!
“How is this possible,” I asked.
“Well, Madam it all started when I was becoming ripe.”
“I was always the weird one,” The apple said.
A few minutes later. The orange apple finished its back story.
“Wow, that is surprising,” I said.
“Yes, it is.” Said the apple.
“That must have been horrible for you, all of the other apples treating you like that,” I said.
“Yes, just because I look like an orange”
“And they pushed you in there?”
“Yes, into the tank filled with that toxic slime...”

Week  23 (21)
“Hey look there are balloons! Can we buy one please” begged my sister.
“No, we are using the money for rides at the carnival,” I said.
Then I found a decent roller coaster, Helena said it was ‘frightening’.
I said, “we are going to go on it after you choose a ride to go on.”
She chose some carousel to ride on and it had brown horses.
And when we got on it… 
She started to kick the horses, and she kicked me!
“I will never go on the merry-go-round again! The horses are scary!” She said.
“Fine suit yourself”

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As she finished building it… 
She thought she had made it perfect, the catapult.
“ 3 2 1 SHOOT!” the announcer shouted.
She launched the watermelon into the air, but she couldn’t see where it went!
“ But where did it go?” she shouted…
“Look over there!” she yelled again. 
It crossed the line so it would be on the leaderboard! But what she didn’t know if she would place in the top 3, winning a prize.
Someone passed her and another one…
Then it was over… 
 She was so happy even if she didn’t win 1st, 3rd is still pretty good!

Week 20 (21)
I’m a blue jay and this is my story… 
One day I see this little girl and her dad teaching her how to bike without training wheels.
She biked all the way up the hill and I was impressed, but then she started to race downhill so fast that she had to jump off her bike.
But the bike kept on going and crashed into the pole and I was on the pole. It shook like crazy!
It even launched me into the air.
I was scared for a moment but thank heavens no one was hurt (I mean me… ) 

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 BLAST OFF!” I said launching my rocket into the air.
I put a camera onto my rocket, to see where it is.

I accidentally put my rocket into orbit!
But it was so amazing what I could see.

I saw meteors, stars, the sun, and the moon!
I did it by putting some large fireworks on the small metal rocket.
Then my rocket started to spin, I saw something round, fast, and big. 

I tried to bring it back, but when it just wouldn’t take off… 
It came back, but there was green slime on the rocket…

What was it?

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I was walking around the woods and I froze studying the sound I knew what it was tree nymphs and fairies! I ran up to them and shouted “Please don’t go away I just want to play” But the fairies with a whoosh turned back into flowers and plants and the nymphs with a swoosh turned back into trees. How disappointed I was when the Goddes Nyx, in her chariot, ran across the sky and all-day light turned night, as black as charred wood, the stars like embers burning bright and I ran back to my Okios and my family… 

Week 13 (21)
I was going to a very fancy restaurant and they only allowed kids that are ages 6 and up and Woman had to wear dresses the men had to wear suits I had put on my red dress my mom wore a black one my dad wore a black suit so did my brother and I was going in the car while my brother was giggling “what’s so funny” I asked him he didn’t answer “what’s so funny” I asked again this time irritated and mad then he whispered in my ear “gasp” … I didn’t remember putting it on...

Week 11 (21)

One white winter night I was outside rolling in the snow I was alone no family was with me because I have none I am an orphan my dad died in a war and my mom died from cancer when I was 2 I am an only child and I have no grandparents they died before I was born, my aunts and uncles have none my parents were only children too. I was making a very crafty castle out of the leaves in the ground poking out of the white snow under the kind and glowing moonlight with the stars… 

Week 10 (21)

It was the final soccer game of the year we were competing with another team. and the worst thing happened last time we played I ripped my uniform it had holes.

But I got a new uniform I didn’t try it on till it was 10 minutes before the big game I was so nervous that I thought I was gonna puke.

If only it was a bit smaller…

I was goalie again and I tripped on my shoelaces at the last second of the game of the last goal… 

When I fell I blocked it by accident.


Week 9 (210
We are toys and this bee crashed landed on our site.
We were investigating why it crashed here we took pictures and samples but we didn’t hurt the bee because it was already dead. 
We started on some theories due to the weather maybe? Maybe because it was raining and a big raindrop hit the beeswing causing it to crash?
Or it just was time for the bee to go? 
We talked to the elders,  and toys and told them what had happened so we had a funeral for the bee, we said a few words and went to bed.

Week 8 (21)

When it was my turn to enter the soccer field, I started to walk in nervous but very proud that I made it all this way with the support of my team friends and family then we got in our positions. I was a forward. I needed to score some goals to win this championship! 30 seconds left of the game I had the ball I was getting close to the other teams goal… 10 seconds left… GOAL! I won exhausted & breathing hard, I simply raised my fist in victory. I was so proud of myself i won the championship!
Week 7 (21)

I was riding my bright red scooter on the hard concrete sidewalk.

I was going to dance class, I looked weird because I had my fluffy ballerina skirt.

It had a bunch of layers.

Thin ones too.

And my tights were itchy. I hated it.

When I got to dance class I was so late I had to put my slippers on right away and I started to dance.

I danced and danced for hours.

I was exhausted.

I had to ask for a drink of water. Then I had to go back to dancing for a couple more hours.
Week 4 (21)
A lovely summer day. After breakfast, I was walking to Mr. Green´s violin class but then I heard somebody scream, so me and everybody near the person screamed turned their heads, the little boy who screamed about a bug. Then out of nowhere came a plant smack in the road, I walked into a prickly green cactus and, came out of the cactus all bruised up and with cactus thorns all over. After I picked all the thorns out of my body I began to walk with NO distractions this time and so that’s how I walked from now on.

Week 3(21)

One day there was a 7 year old who had a bag of lollipops with her at school and during lunch she got to take them out. So she took them out and one of her friends asked for some she said yes then 4 more classmates asked for some she said yes then 6 more people asked for some she said yes than the whole classroom asked for some so she gave everybody one then she had one lollipop left it was rootbeer she hated it the flavor yuck! They never should have said yes to all those people.
Practice Week

I was peacefully riding my bike down the street away from the apple and pumpkin farm to deliver the pumpkins and apples. Then a rabbit came into the road and I steered away from the rabbit. I went into the grass, lost control of the bike and landed in the hay bale and spilled all my pumpkins and apples. I had passed out from impact and then i woke up minutes later and started calling for help “Help Please somebody i'm stuck in a hay bale help please i can move only my legs” but nobody came to my rescue.


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