Week 36 

Hi there, oh, you see the statue. Well, that is not me.
You can’t even see me. If you can, you can see better than superman. Well, I am that ant all the way in the bottom. I was in that war. Let me tell you how it was. That person’s name is Josh K. DilebRa. He was really strong. And he was SO useful. He killed a TON of soldiers. Wow. He was really strong. His best friend died so that is what made him come up in the war. He was like an unstoppable bullet. He was awesome.

Week 35 (21)
I was in Crossgates Mall. Well, I was in Crossgates Mall… After that, 

I went to Cinnabun. When I exited and took about 5-6 steps, I saw a dark shady person running to me. It said, “Which way to the shops?” he panted. 

I said “left, then left, again, then right.” 

After he said “ok”.
 And kept running, I was curious. So curious, I decided to follow him. I tried to run to him and catch up, it was like he was faster than a Bugatti. I panted and wheezed. I was panting more than a dog. This is hard.

Week 34 (21)

The Dream Land.

The Night Land.

One of those lands has 90 goblins.

So I went to The Dream Land.


Uh oh.

Phoenixes, Dragons. When I saw a goblin, I did not realise they could fly!

I was a little surprised.      
In fairy tales…
Goblins could not fly.

But in the Dream Land.

They can.

I was shocked. How? I needed to figure this out now.
I went to the secret base of the Ultimate Cyborg Master Legend Godly DREAM Army.

When I was in the base…
I searched and searched and I found something. The... 
Week 33 (21)
After a long time of driving, me and my family arrived at Savannah Beach, Ohio. When I got out of the car, I could smell the ocean. We found a nice shady place to sit down and have breakfast. It was 12:00 A.M. I ran to the beach. Swam. Then I was tired and went to a building which looked to be 400 years old. It was a lighthouse. But a rock one. Rumor says that the owner is haunting the place. I went inside and checked it out.
I ran out. 

Week 32 (21)
Tik Tik Tik. There was 3 minutes till school was over. 3,2,1. IT'S OVER!!!
The hallway was crowded. Suddenly everyone was screaming. I came out and saw this.. A flash of light, then darkness. PEOPLE WERE SCREAMING HELP!!
OUR WORLD WAS IN DANGER. We were all scared. I decided to do something out of it. I went to my basement and got a cape and a bike. I may not. I ran and went to the shadow king and fought with him. I got so hurt. I fought the pain and just ran and ran and ran plants??

Week 31 (21) To comment, scroll all the way to the bottom of this page.
I am Oar, creator of the galaxies. If you come into my galaxie, the Brown Barn. There is only one rule. Just one. How hard can it be? It’s easy. D. O. N. T touch my mushroom. The exotic mushroom. 

If you touch it, here is what happens to you. You don’t die. What kind of kind would kill a person? Well here is what happens. 300 air horns come up. You fall to the ground. We give a lie detector test to you. Then you are in jail for 6 years. You would be wistful. I am wrinkled.*laughs*

Week 29 (21)
I was walking around in the street with the number twenty-nine. Legend has it that if you enter the house you never come out. So I don’t know why but I entered and screamed, MR.CAT WHERE ARE YOUUUU. Remember I did this for no reason. And a cat came out of nowhere.

I entered and went out and did this for 9 trillion times. And then I entered, went up the stairs. Then I saw a doll. It's smiling. It was looking at me. AAAAAA!! It ran to my face. I ran away. I was so scared. New do//???

Week 28 (21)
The dark moon.
The animals in the forest.
The sound of the crickets.
Of all the animals in the world.
One, only one, stands out of all the rest.
Its name is the wolf.
Predators fear of this enchanted animal.
When it makes this sound.
I heard it once. 
 Isaw it.
With my own black eyes.
The wolf as it let out a pitiful howl.
Everyone around it ran away as fast as they could.
Even the most feared animals.
But what's that? 
An animal is daring to stand up to the wolf.
It is the champion…
The Fox...

Week 27 (21)
I was at a zoo called “THE ZOO” I know, it's weird. But it gets weirder… There was a habitat that was called Violin. I mean like really? Inside it was violin players playing the trombone. There was also one called HAPPY. Like OMG. 
Too far, too far. It was full of happy creepy faces. But it gets weirder… Elephant. It sounds normal but it’s CrAzY. It’s elephants racing lamborghinis (a fast car). After I thought it was the end… but it was not. PURPLE MONKEYS PLAYING KARATE AND MAKING ORIGAMI. Last one. Painted laptops doing 100 wc. Way weirder.

Week 26 (21)  To comment, scroll all the way to the bottom of this page.

                I. Hate. Marmite. I am allergic to everything but my friend… well he is unbreakable. He can do anything without being hurt, but on the other hand, me, I am super fragile. If a person bumps into me, I need to go to the nurse right away. AND GUESS WHAT! The only food I eat is soup and shrimp. And I like guacamole but HATE avocados. And you know my unbreakable friend. I told him I hate marmite. BUT HE TOLD ME THAT ¨No he said I like marmite. I was so sad you don't know how sad I was. 

Week 25 (21)
While I was walking in the Atlanta Botanical Garden, I saw many beautiful flowers. I wanted to pick one so bad, but it was against the rules. Suddenly I heard a LOUD bang of metal. I peeked to see what was going on, But all I saw was a statue. 

Then I headed back to looking at flowers. Then I heard another LOUD bang of metal. Ok now this time I am going to look at what is going to happen. While I was spying I saw what happened, the statue's eyes moved and looked at me. I heard breathing...

Week 24 (21) To comment, scroll all the way to the bottom of this page.

  “HELP, HELP,!” I yelled. I was in an army helicopter. (30 minutes earlier)

 I was dozed off to sleep, but then I heard the sound of a helicopter. I was hearing whispers. The only words I could hear was, Kidnap, bring, island, questions.

 Then I saw rainbow colored people enter my house. They were in for a few minutes, After I felt a cold thing in my arm. Then I was unconscious.

 Next I woke up in an army helicopter. When we landed. Those people spoke. The orange one spoke first
“We have a lot of questions.” TO BE CONTINUED.

Week 23 (21)
I was in a hot air balloon. I would have never come in here if it wasn't for my mom. She placed a brown snickers bar and without doing anything else I ran to the snickers bar and ate it but then it started floating. 
I am scared of heights. It was so frightening. I kicked the basket but that didn't even work. The only choice I had was to jump out of the basket, but I did not have a parachute and we were probably 3,897 feet up in the air.
 I took a deep breath and jumped!

Week 22 (21)
“… ,but where did it go?” she shouted…

WARNING: ULTIMATE WEIRDNESS AHEAD. So I had the 432873428734287 feet MEGA ULTIMATE GENETIC CYBORG DRAGON which I lost on a 6 feet hallway… I kept saying “BUT WHERE DID IT GO?”she shouted.

 I know it's weird and I am a boy but that is the only word for my dragon to come back.

 And I lost a 87947854879 mile toothbrush in my hair. So weird and I lost a whole galaxy in my pocket. And a whole ocean on my hand. And a mouse in a 2 inch room. And I lost Jupiter on a 5 millimeter tube, CRAZY.

Week 19 (21)

I was walking around the tennis court. Just minding my own business. 

Then out of nowhere a man came and said to me, “Something BAD will happen to you.”

 I was scared, from then on I was walking carefully. 

It was fall, My favorite season. I ran to the tennis court. Then I was falling on soft crunchy leaves. 

Then I saw a pink one, I picked it up and headed home… When it just wouldn't take off. I was freaking out. I didn't know what would happen… Then the old man came back and said “So it happened, HA.”

Week 17 (21) To comment, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.
I was at Dunkin donuts. I was eating a special chocolate sprinkles donut! Then suddenly the donut  had a crystal inside. I was trying to take it out when I saw what it was. I was shocked. It was covered in frosting. I ran to Lake Blue and washed it off. And I was shocked even more. There was a button hiding and then I accidentally pressed it then It teleported me to the forest Then The trees came alive and it looked like their king was the one that looked like a person. I was ready to fight now...

Week 16 (21)

This is the story of me, Mr.Z New York, 1982, Thursday

So it was a usual day in New York. Summer was coming up. The kids in the school were overwhelmed. Tomorrow was the last day of school.

Friday 1982

All the kids were running to school. Suddenly everything stopped and we saw this green bolt of light in front of us, and then one more. Then everything was back to normal, but a huge footprint was in the middle of the city! And the Empire State Building was gone, GONE!!!. Then an explosion came up! To be continued...

Week 15 (21) To comment, scroll to the bottom of this page.

“My mouth is water!” I said. I was wearing my mask and it was summer!
 Because of the pandemic, we couldn't go to the beach. I wanted to shout into the world about masks and we should wear them. But nobody would listen so then I thought THIS IS SO INSANE. A lot of the people got the corona and they are suffering.
 I am hopeful for 2021. Because of this pandemic there is a worldwide lockdown. People are learning virtually and parents can't go to work so scientists are working on the cure for this worldwide pandemic, cure shot.

Week 14 (21)

“Oh boy, why are you here?” The queen said in an evil voice.

I was shocked because if my brain was wrong this castle had been torn apart 100 years ago!
“Don't ask me questions that I don't want to answer!” She said in a serious voice. I stood up to myself and well I said “GUESS YOU'RE THE WORST QUEEN! EVERYONE HATED YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE YOU'RE THE WORST QUEEN YOU ONLY CARE ABOUT YOURSELF AND SO THAT'S WHY THEY BURNED YOUR PALACE BECAUSE YOU WERE TREATING EVERYONE LIKE SLAVES!!!!!!!!!!” I shouted so hard it scared her,Ha.

 Week 13 (21)
I was walking through the enchanted forest of Spine. The only company I had was an eagle named Aiden. A hour later/ I met a man named Kiyosi he pretty much knew everywhere in this forest he said he was 10 years old and had been lost here for 5 years while I had been lost for 3 years Kiyosi showed me glyph necklace, he told me it is yours but I immediately speaked up, no I didn't remember putting it on. So then I put it on and it felt like cold water on my neck. It was red.

Week 11 (21)
“Cool,  the oldest castle,” I said. We were in the biggest and oldest castle in the world. It had pitch white walls, not a single other color.
“I think I see something over there.” I said. There was a H-U-G-E mountain with a ton of crunchy leaves! 
“WOW!” I yelled. COOL I was rolling down the mountain like a GG7  (the fastest car in the world) I was SO fast. After a little while I was bored so I took out my crafting supplies. I was REAL CRAFTY.
When I reached the bottom there was a pit full of gold. 

Week 10 (21)
“Where is it.” I said.

“I dont know.” My friend said.

“FOUND IT!” I yelled.

“OMG CAN I TRY IT!” My friend shouted. We were in my attic trying to find the diamond shirt. Plus we found it! 
“If only it was a bit smaller tho”My friend whispered. I sighed a L-O-N-G sigh at the end. I was panting like a dog that came from a 100 mile run.

“It's okay, I think we can fix it. 

“I hope.” My friend whispered to himself.

Week 9 (21)
“SHOO BEE.” The bee was almost stinging me but it stinged somebody.
“What a relief.” After the bee just died. So I searched up what happens to bees when they sting and guess what it said:THEY TURN INTO DIAMOND. But this bee just died. So I went home but I was watching the bee with my binoculars then. I saw a flake of white dust and they were these little men who were poking  the bee with sticks and they were back. THE BEE WAS ALIVE  I WONDER IF THOSE LITTLE GUYS CAN BRING MY DOGGY back alive!!!!!

Week 8 (21)

¨Ow!!!¨ The great warrior said.

¨I will defeat all of you,” Morganna was the wrestler. But when she battled the CHAMPION…

Lets just say it didn't go according to plan… she slid and ¨PUNCH¨ But the Great Warrior caught her and slammed her into the mat when Morganna was. Morganna got mad she took out her four arms she had fiery breath ready for battle

¨YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!! She blasted into the sky… She was hurt so much ,she fought the pain in her body. Exhausted & breathing hard, she simply raised her fists… WE GOT A WINNER MORGANNA...

Week 7 (21)


I was in a bear's back.

“Can you be my pet?” I asked


“WHAT THE HECK DOES THAT MEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I said then the bear started running.

“STOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!” I said wanna race me on my red scooter.

“3 2 1 GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!” I blasted a air horn

I was going speedy but then… “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH CONCRETE I RAN TO THE FINISH LINE AND I WON SO I DANCED but I needed the bear to be my pet so I petted him and so we became best friends.And the best part is the bear is mine.
Week 6 (1)





me“NEVER I NEED IT” I was trying to get the treasure chest.


Me”pfft you are joking” when I got in I opened it there was 10809086826497498 dollars in there I ran to my but i had to see what was inside

Week 5 (21)

“ATTACK” captain Seasun said.

“OK”!! His crew said

“LAUNCH THE CANNON” Captain Seasun said

“WE HAVE NO AMMO” said his crew so they just launched a coconut. They were pirates...Welp at least they were in the old days..... Now they were in the middle of the forest with their pirate ship but they couldn't sail cause they did not have a curtain to tie and they lost their flag.

“C’mon just this time” his crew said about the flag


Week 4 (21)

“HA HA HA!!” I said, I was reading green eggs and ham by Dr.Seuss. As I went to Mr.Lolo’s shop. I was there for a minute or so when Johnny came Jonny is the big bully at school I said to Mr.Lolo

“AHHHHHHHH HIDE ME PLEASE” Johnny is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO prickly. My heart was beating so hard I was sweating and wishing he would go away. At last he left and I buyed a violin. Then I walked home. While I was walking I thought about that time I bruised myself. It hurt a lot so so much.
Week 3(21)

“WHO AAAAAAAA!” As I went crashing to a person IT WAS… A total stranger. My car accidentally went to a portal and everyone's skin was blue.”WHAT THEEEEE?”I freaked .

When some other guy came he said “OMG YOU MUST BE FROM THE HUMAN WORLD!”

I said”Uhhhhh...cause I am


”Uhhhhhh sureee”I grinned.

I was just 9 years old.And guess what the mayor said “ Anyone could do anything in here”

.Welp…..they should have NEVER said yes cause it was chaos every step you take.”This is so cool”

Practice Week

“Whooh'' I went to my house to drop apples and pumpkins for halloween.I stopped by to say hi to uncle Pete, he gave me a bar to eat on the way. While I was going I saw my friend Josh and I stopped by too. He invited me to his house to give dessert which was cheesecake yummy. As I went back to my bike Josh said “byeee!!! Bye bye! .Next I stopped at Finn's water station. He sells all kinds of liquid that you can drink.When I reached my house OWW I got stuck in the hay.


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